Every customer has access to all of these features – no limitations for small customers.

Reliable connectivity and data transfer

Always the best connection through national roaming without steering


Maximum network coverage (419 networks in 178 countries)


Send and receive SMS or USSD messages (Also via API)


SMS to E-Mail Service: Send an SMS and receive an email instead


Real-time SIM card management and statistics in our customer portal (Also via API)


Reach your devices easily with static private IP addresses


2G, 3G and 4G (LTE) data transfer incl. LTE-M (Cat-M1)


Voice calls only on request

Security features to protect your devices

Your traffic is invisible for others, because every customer gets a private network segment (private APN)


Add an additional layer of security with a VPN tunnel from your server to our gateway.


Full featured firewall to whitelist allowed IPs

The 8 advantages that you save money

Data Pooling


Monthly cancellation


No monthly costs until first use


No charge for deactivated cards


Network coverage in 178 countries with only one contract


1 KB stepping


Limit the data usage in our customer portal


IMEI-Lock to prevent costs after the SIM card has been stolen from your device


Best connectivity everywhere

Byebye disconnection: Our GSM SIM is a so called multi-network SIM card which means it can connect to hundreds of different networks.

Always the strongest connection

We want your device to always be connected to the strongest network. This is why we offer national roaming without steering and enable your devices to connect to the best network at each location without privileging a certain operator. Thus it guarantees a strong and stable connection at all times.

Be connected in 178 countries

wherever SIM can connect to more than 400 networks in 178 different countries. For you, this means you do not need to manage different contracts, different customer portals or different contact persons for each country. With wherever SIM, you have your all-in-one package.

Fair pricing, full control

Working with wherever SIM, you benefit from a clear pricing structure
and high flexibility.


Free testing phase

We know that our SIM card will be an important part of your infrastructure. It’s just reasonable that you want to test it, before deploying it to hundreds or thousands of devices. Naturally we offer a free testing phase. Sign up now!


Only pay for active SIM cards

Of course you don’t need to pay for things you don’t use. Therefore you only pay for your active SIM cards. SIM cards can be activated and deactivated at any time via our customer portal.


Monthly cancellation

For the unlikely case that wherever SIM may not be the right solution for your business, you can cancel our services on a monthly basis.


Individual data limits

To avoid unplanned extra costs, you can configure individual data limits for each of your SIM cards. You can also block data or SMS usage completely. Yes, it can be that easy to avoid unintended costs.


Fair accounting in smallest steps

The consumption is fairly accounted in 1KB-steps and is thus even suitable for lowest data transfers.



An IMEI is the unique identification number of the modem in your device. Our IMEI-lock can ensure the SIM card is only used within your device. This prevents any data usage costs in case your SIM may get stolen.

Highest Security

Whether sensitive or critical data, with wherever SIM you have a wide selection of options to protect your data.

You can limit the access of the SIM to certain IP addresses to guarantee that your SIM only transfers data to IP addresses you configured. In addition, you can set up a VPN tunnel and choose whether the SIM cards should only be able to communicate via this VPN, or whether Internet access should also be allowed.


Each of our customers gets his own private network segment. Through this, we ensure that nobody else can access your data. Other providers make you pay for your own APN. We offer it for free and by default for everyone.

Your private network (APN)

VPN & static IPs

Secure the communication between the SIM and your system via VPN tunnel. You just need to establish one common VPN to our system to be able to access all of your SIM cards.


Major advantages

  • All your data will be transferred securely through the internet.
  • We will provide a static private IP address for each of your devices so you can easily reach each device via IP.
  • We can block all other traffic from your devices to the internet and from the internet to your devices. Only traffic through this VPN is allowed. This makes your devices unreachable for hackers.
  • You don’t even need a firewall or VPN software on your devices, which saves cpu power and implementation effort.

Easy to Manage

Within our intuitive online portal, you can manage all your GSM SIM cards and set individual configurations like IMEI-lock or consumption limits. You can also activate or deactivate your SIM cards and get an overview of all relevant information and consumption data.

Real-time Monitoring

Which SIM consumes most data? How many SMS have been sent? Is there any device that is offline? Find the answers to your questions in the online portal and keep an eye on all important data in real-time. Even your configurations are directly adapted as soon as you set them within the online portal, so you can immediately see the impacts of your settings.

Automate your Business processes

Every single setting can also be configured via our easy to implement REST-API instead of the online portal. This enables you to integrate our SIM card in your automated business processes.

Operator Blacklisting

Some devices or some locations might cause problems with certain network operators. To avoid this, you can block specific network operators individually for each of your devices easily in our customer portal.

Data Pool

Some of your devices might use less data than others, some of them might use much more. We know that it can be nearly impossible to predict that. Traditional mobile providers probably force you to buy the maximum amount of data a single SIM card will ever use, all data not used expires at the end of each month.

A simple solution

Good we’re not traditional! We offer a fair alternative, the Data Pool. With our Data Pool, all your SIM cards consume data from a shared pool. If the usage of one SIM card increases during a month, you are not invoiced for this, as long as the average usage per SIM card stays below your general data limit.


Sending and receiving SMS and USSD messages made easy. Also via API for integration into your automated business processes.


wherever SIM is also able to send as well as receive SMS. This way it is e.g. possible to send SMS to configure your device.

Within the online portal it is also possible to send SMS directly to any of your devices. Additionally you can integrate our REST-API to send SMS to your devices or receive SMS from your devices on your Server.

If you wish, you can receive sent SMS as an email. This way you can make older devices smarter, which cannot establish a data connection but can send SMS.


USSD is a pretty unknown but reliable technology. It works similar to SMS but is much cheaper. We support USSD for both directions. If you need to send less than 140 characters, have a look at USSD instead of SMS!

Technologies and form factors

We know that every project has different needs and that no device is the same. Therefore wherever SIM supports various cellular standards and form factors.

Cellular standards

Our SIM cards support the following standards, provided that they are offered by the respective network operator:

  • 2G (GPRS)
  • EDGE
  • 3G (UMTS)
  • HSPA and HSPA+

In some networks, especially in Europe, we do also support 4G data transfer incl. LTE-M (Cat-M1).


We offer all form-factors in standard or industrial quality:

  • 1FF – Full-size
  • 2FF – Mini-SIM
  • 3FF – Micro-SIM
  • 4FF – Nano-SIM
  • MFF2 (QFN8) – embedded SIM

Additionally we can provide eSIMs (eUICC). Just contact us to get more details.


We are actively developing new features and we encourage you to influence our development! Just give us a call, if you have special requirements or the feature you were looking for isn’t listed here.

We are happy to help: +49 40 228 616 333