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wherever SIM for Security System Installers

wherever SIM is the perfect GSM SIM for security systems. The SIM can connect to different cellular networks so you can use it literally everywhere. As wherever SIM always connects to the best mobile network available, you are no longer dependent on a certain operator. Gone are the days where you had to manage several accounts for different mobile operators, because you never knew which network will be the best at the location of your alarm system.

Use cases

Burglar Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems

Motion Detector

Customer quotes

“Since the switchover from ISDN to IP, it is even more important that we have a functioning mobile communications connection, otherwise we lose the connection to the system. We almost eliminated this risk with using wherever SIM.”

Claus-Dieter Büttner
Managing Director of
C.D. Büttner Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

“We want to offer our customers solutions that do not only solve problems but create added value. With technical partners such as wherever SIM and products like their GSM SIM card, we are boosting this added value.”

John O’Donnell
Product Manager at
Vanderbilt Industries

“Our alarm systems are installed at different locations. Of course there is always a different networks offering the strongest connection. With wherever SIM our employees have a SIM card, which always guarantees the best reception and that can be used anywhere without any problems.”

Thomas Krüger
Managing Director of
Krüger GmbH – Alarm- und Schutzanlagen

Advantages of wherever SIM
for Alarm Systems


Stay always connected:

Be on the safe side and almost entirely eliminate the risk of connection losses as wherever SIM always connects to the strongest network available.


Different networks in different countries:

Instead of relying on only one network, wherever SIM can connect to several networks and thus always provides a reliable connection, no matter where you are.


Individual Settings:

Set individual configurations for each SIM card. Decide on individual cost limits or certain network specifications, SIM by SIM.


Central Access:

Manage all your SIM cards in use from one central point and directly see changes in settings and their consequences in real-time.


Direct Messaging:

Receive and send SMS-Alertings in case of an alarm or for regular routine status updates to track your devices and services.


Safe and Secure:

Each of your devices get a static private IP address, which can be reached through a single VPN tunnel from your system to our gateway (APN).

Success Story
Büttner Sicherheitstechnik

For more than 30 years C.D. Büttner Sicherheitstechnik GmbH is one of the best known security companies in Germany. The company offers innovative and reliable solutions for private and business customers for the protection of property and life, such as alarm systems or emergency call centers. In some of these solutions Büttner is now using wherever SIM.

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Our work is not done just with installing an alarm system for our customers. We are also responsible for maintaining a stable and secure connection for these systems to be immediately informed of incidents in the event of an emergency,” states Claus-Dieter Büttner, Managing Director of C.D. Büttner Security Technology GmbH. “This was not always easy. For example, in new buildings made of reinforced concrete, the reception may be restricted.  Especially if you only use SIM cards from one specific mobile operator as we did before we discovered wherever SIM. If this particular provider had no network at a location, it became cumbersome. In this case, we were only able to secure the connection for our systems via newly installed lines and additionally installed antennas. That was a costly extra effort.

An effort, which is meanwhile a thing of the past. With wherever SIM, Büttner now relies on one SIM card, which always connects to the best mobile network available. If a provider only has poor coverage at one location, the SIM automatically switches to the next best network. Thus, the connection remains stable and the risk of disconnection is minimized.

Since the switchover from ISDN to IP, it is even more important that we have a functioning mobile communications connection. In case of a power failure, the Internet router is no longer supplied with power and the primary connection path is cut. In this case the mobile network must be available, otherwise we lose the connection to the system. We almost eliminated the risk with the use of wherever SIM. “

However, Büttner was not only convinced by the reliability of the connection. “Another plus of wherever SIM is the customer portal. We can see all SIM cards in use at a glance and can easily evaluate all data. This considerably reduces the administrative burden.

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