25 SIM cards


Initial costs:
These €49,75 are one-time costs for buying 25 SIM cards. (€ 1,99 per SIM card)
Follow-up costs:
€ 1,99 for the very first activation per SIM card.
€ 1,99 monthly fee per active SIM.
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After 12 months the minimum turnover is 49,75 € per month. If you achieve this turnover with your active SIM cards, nothing will change for you. Otherwise, the difference to your current revenue would be invoiced in addition.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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wherever SIM Starter Package
The Starter Package contains 25 Combo 3-in-1 Full/Mini/Micro SIM cards. This package is for companies requiring 25 – 75 SIM cards. If you need more SIM cards, please take a look at the Basic and Pro package. If you need Nano SIMs, industrial grade SIMs or embedded SIMs(MMF2), please request an offer.

wherever SIM is a multi-network SIM card for companies. The SIM is used for a secured transfer of data, for example within alarm systems or GPS tracker. It can connect to more than 250 networks in 120 different countries. Thereby the SIM always connects to the strongest network without privileging a certain operator.