About wherever SIM

Reliable and Trustworthy

wherever SIM stands for reliable and secure SIM cards designed to connect devices to the Internet. Our new and state-of-the art infrastructure was created in 2014. It leverages security and reliability on a whole new level, far beyond the market standard. Thus we can react faster and more flexible than traditional operators. Located in Hamburg, we create innovations together with strong partners all over the world. Based on your feedback, we constantly improve wherever SIM. We are curious about your projects and we are truly happy to support you with our knowledge and passion!

Who we are and how we work


Solving your problems is our highest priority. We want happy customers so we do all we can to keep you fully satisfied with our services.

Old Stager

Working more than 15 years in mobile communications, we have the experience to offer you solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Fair Player

We offer solutions for your requirements. In case you are unhappy, we will do our best to satisfy you – even if it means to end our cooperation.


As the market was kind of slow, we decided to promote innovations by ourselves. Based on your feedback, we constantly improve wherever SIM.


With wherever SIM, we want to simplify everyday processes to support and improve your daily work and your experienced quality of life.


True to the motto “Inspect and Adapt” we are open to questioning our processes to react faster, more flexible and to continuously improve our business.


Did you ever work on a project you were completely enthusiastic about, even on a Monday morning? Good – then you understand how we feel!


Our office is located in HAMBURG, the most beautiful city of Germany. From here, we are working with partners and projects all over the world.

Customer Experience

“Since the switchover from ISDN to IP, it is even more important that we have a functioning mobile communications connection, otherwise we lose the connection to the system. We almost eliminated this risk with using wherever SIM.”

Claus-Dieter Büttner, Managing Director of C.D. Büttner Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

“Our EC terminals make it possible to pay with all common giro and credit cards throughout Germany. To ensure that this works smoothly, a stable and secure connection is required. With wherever SIM, we have integrated a SIM card into our terminals that always provides the best possible connection – no matter where. No network is perfect, but with this uncomplicated all-in-one solution, local signal weaknesses are no longer a problem.”

Sebastian Simon, Head of Technology at POS-cashservice GmbH

“As manufacturer of high-quality GPS devices, we offer with our “FINDERN” the ideal solution for almost all possible areas of application such as vehicles, bags, bicycles or even persons. Therefore we needed a SIM card which is just as flexible and reliable as our own solutions. We found that with wherever SIM.”

Jakob Lindner, Managing Director PAJ-GPS

“We want to offer our customers solutions that do not only solve problems but create added value. With technical partners such as wherever SIM and products like their GSM SIM card, we are boosting this added value.”

John O’Donnell, Product Manager at Vanderbilt Industries

“Our alarm systems are installed at different locations. Of course there is always a different networks offering the strongest connection. With wherever SIM our employees have a SIM card, which always guarantees the best reception and that can be used anywhere without any problems.”

Thomas Krüger, Managing Director Krüger GmbH – Alarm- und Schutzanlagen

“We needed a reliable solution, which orientates to the strongest network and not to a particular provider. That’s exactly what wherever SIM offers. The uncomplicated roaming across all networks provides a much better network availability.”

Tim Mertel-Blinn, Development & Marketing at EvoCount GmbH

“For the safety of our employees and customers our vehicle and passenger identification systems must operate reliable at all times and at all locations. With wherever SIM we are always on the safe side and can count on having the best possible connection, whether it’s in big cities or in the countryside. The wherever portal also allows us to manage our SIM cards ourselves at any time and to see problems with devices or utilization of the data volume even in real-time.”

Gerd Allmendinger, Managing Director at SoftClean GmbH

“With the M2M solution of wherever SIM GmbH, we have all information about our decentralized, renewable energy systems available at all times. No matter where our facilities are, the SIM provides the best connection anywhere.”

Markus Probst, Project Manager at Ökostrom Saar GmbH

These customers trust in wherever SIM